Mother’s love is a non–profit community Based Organization (C.B.O) which mainly conducts feeding programs for orphans, needy children, widows, single mothers and HIV (+) positive mothers in Kianda and Gatwekera areas in Kibera slums. Currently it caters for about 60 children, though the number is increasing as the days go by; as the beneficiaries share their stories with others still out of the organization.


Mothers love is the brain child of Mrs. Constance Mutinda, a widow who lost her husband in the now famous August 7 1998 bomb blast that racked the city of Nairobi. She has 5 children; 4 daughters and a son. She is a trained community counselor and being an avid reader at age 40, still undergoes training in community development in Kibera, a course offered by another local Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O).


Mrs. Constance Mutinda is a philanthropist by nature, a trait that always made her aware of the harsh living conditions her fellow Kibera residents were going through. Though the real move occurred in 2006 when she hosted a visitor from South America. The visitor walked through Kibera slums during her visit and was touched and encouraged Mrs. Mutinda to start an organization to help the needy. At the time she had nothing to share out due to financial limitations but she managed to get her temporary sponsors from Maxwell Academy, a school run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church (S.D.A) Kibera neighborhood, Ongata Rongai. Being a mother she decided to share out her motherly love with the rest of the disadvantaged children and hence she couldn’t find a more appropriate name other than Mother’s Love